January 06, 2010

The first guy you see when you walk into CrossFit Obsession

The first guy you see when you walk into CrossFit Obsession
John!  Very cool guy who loves CrossFit and is responsible for all of the cool playlists you hear in the gym.... sooo.. if you have any special requests, send them to him! 

AND I'm pretty sure he's the only one who's been able to pick the slosh pipe up so far, nevermind put it over his head and squat it   

CrossFit WOD

3 Rounds:
750m Row
30 KB Swings
30 KTE

CrossFit Obsession
Thrusters on the Minute..  PVC-65#  up to 20 mins.
for every minute a thurster is not completed
you owe 10 double unders
50 Slamballs
-Workout by Domoni


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John, I've barely met you, but you impressed me from the first time we talked. Awesome slosh pipe by the way. Thanks for all you do at the gym and for the soundtracks. Wednesday's 1730 soundtrack was epic.


From Afhanistan - did my own thing again today and those thrusters are tuff!

warm up 3 rds of:
250m row sprint
10 dips
10 walking lunge steps
5 strict pull ups
10 OHS 45lb

CF WOD from 12/7/09
For time:
1k row
50 thrusters 95lb
100 situps
16:13 Rx

This looks like a fun WOD... I'll let you know this evening!

CrossFit WOD
3 Rounds:
750m Row
30 KB Swings 55#
30 KTE

26:25 rx'd. I think I paced myself a little too much on this one, still tough though.

18 rds @ 33#

John, awesome job with the slosh pipe!

3 Rounds
750m Row
30 KB Swings #35
30 KTE


12 completed rounds (78 65# Thrusters)
80 double unders
50 20# ball slams
Total Time: 22:00

Nice work John

Domoni is Programming the Obsession workouts this week, I love the Creativity! Looking forward to tomorrow!!

warm-up:rope climbs
skill-squat snatch
time-10:22rxd.....PR by over 5 1/2 minutes!

nice job on the PR andy

WOD: 24:24-grip strength became non existant at the end of this. great work phill-sub 20

worked with andy matt and bubba today. i love HSPU
6:51 rx (pr)

Need to work on my HSPUs. Really looking forward to the gymnastics class on Sat, hoping to get some good drills to help me get stronger.

Today I did the CFO Thrusters, KB Swings and KTEs. 19:47. Thanks for the push Brady and everyone in the 630 class.

Wasnt paying attention, sorry. Did the row,KB and KTEs in 19:47. I wrote thrusters above because that workout looked absolutely horrible. Dustin you should have done today WOD faster. Just saying.

Im not going to be in this weekend. Im going to get my level one cert down in North Carolina!!! Everyone have a great weekend and train hard. Brady, way to go on the PR today and thanks for all the pointers on everything gymnastics related. I strongly encourage everyone to attend Brady's gymnastics cert. I know alot of people who are strong and have great endurance, but to consider yourself a well rounded crossfit athlete you have to become proficient in olympic lifts and GYMNASTICS!

Im still trying to catch my breath. Grip, non-existant!

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