January 05, 2010

CrossFit Obsession muscle up-n-comers

CrossFit Obsession muscle up-n-comers

Matt did his first muscle up yesterday and then completed 36 to finish the WOD as RX'd...  Pretty impressive. 

CrossFit WOD
Five rounds for time of:
50 Wall-ball shots with 20-pound ball to ten-foot target
25 Pull-ups

CrossFit Obsession
4 Rounds for Time:
25 Med ball Deadlift 20#
10 Burpees
10 Ring Rows
100 partner Ball toss situps
- Workout by Domoni


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Sick Work Matt!!

Did 21-15-9 of 95lb thusters, pullups, and 53lb kettlebell swings.... 4:51

I am really lucky to have such killer workout partners.

Good Job Matt - That is AWESOME!!

Matt: you've achieved what I'm gunning for - great work man!
Andy, sounds good on catching up - thanks. I have a commitment tomorrow evening and Friday evening, but should be around otherwise.
Brendan, awesome work on your WOD!


From Afghanistan - today the lower back is pretty tight from yesterday's DL's so I opted for a run.

warmup: 3 rds - 5 pullups 10 pushups & 15 squats
4 mile run on treadmill 34min
100 situps after the run

Awesome job to Matt, very impressive!

WOD 28:48 rx'd

I wish there was still a 7:30pm class. I can't make the 6:30 class today. Have a great workout everyone.

Dagggg Matt! Thats whats up! Go you!

Very impressive to put up 36 muscle ups after just getting your first. Awesome job Matt.

Went to the "regular gym" last night to get in some cardio on the bike. Rode a mile, 10 strict pull ups, rode a mile, 10 strict pullups, rode a mile, 10 strict, ran a mile, 10 strict. All with no break.

Its funny watching people doing pullups and squats at the "regular gym" the range of motion is sad and the form is pathetic. I am glad we have been able to get world class training at CFO.

I am


Paul, please send in an audition tape for the next season of Jersey Shore. You'd be perfect.

hahahahaha, i agree with Dustin!

Obsession - 10:23 #75 (15 reps on deadlifts instead of 20)


not if we have a situation but when holleywood says we do...

was going to take a rest day but then I started wondering if I could finish the wod under 20 minutes. Well, there is only one way to find out....see you guys at 530pm.

Obsession - 16:27 #135 (25 reps on the first 2 rounds, then Allison dropped them to 15 for the last 3)

23:12 rxd....flew through the first three rounds and then started having stomach problems.

It was great working out with the 530 crew. All of you did an awesome job. Jamie, how were you still smiling after that WOD? Stephen you showed alot heart tonight!
Dom and Heather, great job running things tonight. You would have made Brendan proud!

WOD 27:50 RX'D

WOD 24:33
horrible, just horrible

Andy, I smile and joke to disguise the pain. I may have been able to cut a few seconds off my time if I did not chat. Next time you take your shirt off, please move a minimum of three (3) people down from me. It is not fair to others that may want to remove shirts during WODS! LOL! Good job Andy!

Andy: you KILLED the workout. Thanks so much for the encouragement. It was awesome working out with you. Everyone else --great job and thanks for the encouragement at the end-that is what CFO is all about, and that is why I love you all.

WOD: 39'36" as RX'd (all clean reps, extras if one didn't count)

God Bless


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